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Written and approved by autistic adults

Created by Chase the Rainbow Resources

Did you know?

Did you know?

Every autistic person is different

The autistic spectrum is not a line from low to high but instead a set of traits. These traits can impact us all differently and some may not be present at all. Autism is an invisible condition and each one of us is unique.

Autistic children become autistic adults

Children do not outgrow autism, it cannot be cured and does not need to be. Autistic adults can do anything any other adult can do, we just may do things differently or require some extra support.

Autism has always been around

Experts once didn't know Pluto existed, but it was always there! Autism has always been around, we just didn't realise. It may seem like many people are getting diagnosed now, this is because doctors have gotten better at identifying autistic traits in people.

You are autistic or you are not

No one is just a little bit autistic. Autism is a neurological difference and a developmental condition. While we love that you are trying to relate and connect with us, saying this is actually damaging and dismissive of our struggles. If you find you relate to a lot of autistic traits, it might be worth considering if you could be autistic, or neurodivergent, too!

Vaccines don't cause autism

A doctor named Andrew Wakefield falsely linked the MMR vaccine to autism for, what was reported to be, financial gain. Additionally his study only looked at 12 children compared to the hundres of thousands in recent studies that have debunked his theory. His study has been retracted and his name removed from the medical register for his "callous disregard". Wakefield no longer has a license to practice medicine in the UK because of this.

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