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Free for personal use only (including schools, nurseries and other childminding settings)



Christmas Colouring pages

It wouldn't be a Chase the Rainbow Resource without a colouring page! Featuring Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree and Presents designed to be simple enough to minimize colouring fatigue for the little ones.



Reflective Letter to Santa

A letter to Santa that doesn't feature the naughty/nice list!

Instead, help your child reflect on what they enjoyed over the past year, what they are proud of (no matter how big or small!) and what they would like for Christmas.


Christmas Treasure Hunt

Print as many tokens as you need, hide them around the house or outdoors for a fun treasure hunt! Combine with chocolate coins, other goodies, or simply an eye-spy style hunt for a great at-home activity. The tally sheet will help you keep track of how many there are to find and how many have been found as you play.


TIP: If you have access to a laminator, these are perfect for laminating for multiple uses.


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