The original Chase the Rainbow Resources carry cards as commended in UK Parliament! (see video below) Print from the comfort of your own home, updated with Chase the Rainbow Resources official font!

These Face Covering Exemption cards are to help you feel more comfortable outside your home when you cannot wear a face covering for legitimate reasons.

Please check your local laws on who is exempt for further information!


You can buy self laminating pouches from Amazon and combine with an ID holder (see photographs above - we also used the Sunflower Hidden Disabilities Lanyard)


For every design there are 2 different PDF's - a single card, or 4 cards if printing for multiple people. Please select from the following designs:

"My health condition makes me exempt from wearing a face covering."

"My disability makes me exempt from wearing a face covering."

"Exempt from wearing a face covering."

"We use lip reading and are exempt from wearing a face covering"

"I lip read and struggle to understand you with a face covering"

Please remember these are free for personal use, this includes schools, nurserys and other childminding settings.

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