Halloween is going to be a little different this year, so rather than going door to door trick or treating I've illustrated a treasure hunt to do at home and I'm happy to be sharing it for FREE! (download below, free for personal use only)

There are 6 Halloween themed tokens to find - a black cat, a ghost, 2 pumpkins, Frankenstein's monster and a bat.

You can print as many tokens and tally sheets as you need.

Simply cut out the tokens and hide around the house (and garden if you have one/weather permitting).
Use the tally sheet to let your children know how many of each token you have hidden and to keep track of how many they have found!



  • If you have access to a laminator you can laminate the tally sheet and use with a dry erase marker, when your hunt is over you can simply wipe it clean and re-use it again! (I also laminated the tokens in hopes of using outdoors, they should handle a little rain)

  • Tape a glow stick to the back of the tokens for a glow-in-the-dark spooky treasure hunt.

  • Add sweet treats to the hunt. Pop a little Halloween chocolate next to the tokens so they can fill up their buckets/bags!

    • Sibling rivalry or unfair advantages? (we have a large age gap) write their names on the treats so it won't matter who finds it.

    • OR  once all tokens are found, hand out pre-made goodie bags!


Here you'll find the PDF files to download and print.

Please remember these are only free for personal use, this includes schools, nurserys and other childminding settings.

Share directly from the website/social media to support the work!

Halloween Treasure Hunt Tally Sheet SINGLE A4 PDF

Halloween Treasure Hunt Tally Sheet DOUBLE A4 PDF

Halloween Treasure Hunt Tokens A4 PDF


Want to vary how many tokens you have?

Use these token PDF's instead!

Halloween Treasure Hunt Tokens A4 Doubles

(pumpkin, Frankenstein's monster, black cat)

Halloween Treasure Hunt Tokens A4 Doubles

(bat, ghost, pumpkin)