Starting a new school? Returning to school after a long break?

The Back to School book template was originally designed to help anxious children returning to school after lockdown, but can be adapted for any child starting school.

Customise for your child, add photos of their school, teachers, classroom, belongings - whatever you need!

Download the BASIC PDF here - Alternatively, click the following pages for the indivual PDF files.


The basic PDF includes:

  • Cover - add name, class and colour in if you like!


  • "This is my class" page, room for photo of the class and a place to write the class name.

  • "This is my teacher" page with room for photo, space underneath to add the teachers name and any other information.

  • "This is my school uniform" page and space to add what the school uniform might look like (consider different times of year, PE kits and so on)

  • 2 x blank pages (with empty banner at the top) to customise for your childs needs.




Blank page with empty banner and text box.

Blank page with empty banner and photo frame.

These resources are free for personal use, including schools, nurserys and other child minding services.